Computer Software Assurance

Our approach to Computer Software Assurance allows you to save time and money and achieve the highest level of quality assurance and patient safety.

Our team of experts has a deep understanding of SaaS software development, which in turn can help you navigate the complexity of developing a continuous testing environment by leveraging or extending a vendor’s internal quality program.

In partnership, we’ll develop a CSA strategy that is tailored to your organization’s needs.

What We Offer

CSA Strategy Development

Don’t know where to begin?  We can provide the fundamentals of a high-level strategy to build an easy and sustainable compliance program related to CSA.

CSA Training & Critical Thinking

Train the trainer is an effective model for program development and adoption.  Our goal is not to provide a templated model, its to help you build critical thinking skills around the problem using our models as a start.

SaaS Vendor Audits

Our approach is radically different and more effective than most.  It’s based on years of experience in SaaS software development and extensive industry research.

Proof of Concept Program Design

We’ll work together to build a pilot program and help you measure its effectiveness.  Traceability to your use case, automated deviation detection, and compliance risks are mitigated through a high-fidelity prototype.

Risk Assessment & Management Programs

With numerous frameworks and regulatory guidelines, we help you select and implement the most appropriate risk assessment program based on your resources, intended system use, and operational overhead.  The most successful programs minimize manual work and complexity while optimizing business value.

QA & Script Automation

Using progressive tools and methodologies, we can help you build a no-cost or low-cost internal continuous testing environment.  One that can easily be supported by tens of thousands of experts in the Software Engineering field.

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