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This article was originally authored by Edyna Miguez, and was first published on ISPE.

Tracy Jamerson is the Chapter Manager for the ISPE Midwest Chapter. She brings 10+ years of experience to the pharmaceutical industry, currently working as the Office Coordinator at Compli, – a wholly-owned subsidiary of George Butler Associates. Compli is part of the Life Sciences Division. GBA is multi-disciplinary. In this role, she is responsible for a variety of duties, including Project Coordination, Meeting & Event Logistics, Marketing, Social Media coordination & communication.

Truly multi-layered, Tracy is also the co-owner of The Girls and The Grape, where she brings exceptional wine experiences and education to market.

We had the opportunity to interview Tracy and learn a bit more about her ISPE experience and, more importantly, learn more about her experience as a woman of color working within the pharmaceutical industry. Here’s what she has to say:

When and why did you get involved with ISPE? Any highlights?

I first became involved with ISPE in 2021 when I attended the Midwest Chapter’s Vendor Show & Symposium. I attended this show to network and learn more about the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry as I had recently accepted a position with Compli – a company that assists pharmaceutical manufacturers with Commissioning, Qualification, Verification, Asset Management & Reliability, On-Demand Staff Augmentation and Regulatory Compliance.

I think the key highlight throughout my experience as an ISPE member comes down to the knowledge pool of the people involved with ISPE, allowing you to draw upon resources that you may or may not have access to daily. With my education not being in pharmaceutical manufacturing and engineering, I’ve been lucky to meet ISPE members that have been gracious and patient with me, explaining certain parts of the industry and filling in the gaps.

“The magic happens when we listen and are willing to receive different points of view, and I look forward to creating opportunities for productive thought exchange that can transform the industry’s workforce as we know it today.

Once you stop learning, you stop growing.”

How has your ISPE journey been so far? Biggest takeaway?

Thus far, my ISPE journey has definitely been an enlightening experience. As a committed life-long learner, it seems as though I learn something new every day. This keeps me interested and engaged. My biggest takeaway at this point is that there is a lack of diversity (specifically, women and people of color) in the industry. As I move through these spaces and companies, and participate in networking and educational events, it’s very clear that there are so few that look like me. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of ISPE and hopefully contribute to the change that is necessary for our industry, and patient care overall.

You are now the Chapter Manager for the Midwest Chapter. What do you hope to accomplish?

As the Midwest Chapter Manager, it is my goal to increase our membership, visibility and participation in ISPE events hosted throughout the year. My vision is to create and execute events that are outside the norm. I believe our members will be attracted to “non-traditional” events that are unique and relevant, that celebrate diversity and inclusion, while promoting a more equitable industry, particularly in the Midwest. The magic happens when we listen and are willing to receive different points of view, and I look forward to creating opportunities for productive thought exchange that can transform the industry’s workforce as we know it today.

As we continue to build the ISPE Women in Pharma® program, how do you hope to grow the program on the local level? Any initiatives? Target audience?

It is my hope that I can assist with growing the IWomen in Pharma® program on the local level by offering relevant, engaging activities that promote diversity and inclusion as well as work-life balance. I have a few initiatives in mind and would love to create partnerships with local organizations that promote STEM for high school girls, as well as a mentoring group for these young ladies. Additionally, for increased visibility, having a presence at other pharmaceutical industry events to promote the benefits of joining ISPE and getting involved with Women in Pharma.

As a woman of color in the pharmaceutical industry, what advice would you give to other women and people of color who are working to advance their careers in this field?

As a woman of color in the pharmaceutical industry, my advice to other women and people of color working to advance their careers in this field is to commit to being a life-long learner. Once you stop learning, you stop growing. I would also advise, to be bold – never be afraid to speak up and offer your thoughts or perspective. Make it clear what your career aspirations are to your leader. Networking is crucial. Attend as many industry events as you can and make connections. Seek out women who have experience in the niche that you currently work in or aspire to be a part of. Ask her if she would be willing to meet for coffee or a glass of wine and talk about her journey. You’ll gain valuable insight.

Are there any upcoming events taking place in the Midwest our members should know about?

The Midwest Chapter hosts bi-monthly networking events, primarily in Kansas City & St. Louis. On 15 September 15th, we’re hosting a Golf Scramble right outside of St. Louis at Pevely Farms in Eureko, MO. Plans are in the works to host a dinner meeting in November, which will include networking, dinner and a speaker that will be live-streamed.

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